System Images Deployment

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This was my first project at Blaise Pascal High School, with the help of Anthony Rossignol. Our class just got 15 new computers for one of our computer rooms, so we had to install many operating systems on it. But installing Windows 7, Ubuntu, Debian and Windows Server on each machine would have take a lot of time. So we had to install only one machine, and then create a system image in order to deploy it on the other computers.

We compared many solutions, and we chose Symantec Ghost. Several problems occurred during our first deployments :
- The hard drives didn't have exactly the same capacity, so we had to leave a little unallocated space on the first machine, in order not to exceed the capacity of the other hard drives.
- Our version of Ghost was incompatible with the ext4 file system. We had to reinstall Ubuntu and Debian under the ext3 file system.

Here is the tutorial for this project (in french) : Tutorial.

BE CAREFUL : A step is missing to this tutorial. In order to realize a clean copy of a Windows system, it is recommended to do a sysprep before creating the image. This way, the ID of the machine is reinitialized. If this isn't done, some problems can occur on a network managed by a Windows server, (for example with WSUS) because all machines will be identified as the same

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